Act 2: Finding Distribution Centers

The groundwork we laid in Act 1 through connecting with our sponsors and partners allowed us to begin the second phase of our project: collaboration. Act 2 focuses on how we collaborated with our sponsors and partners to find a distribution center and solidify a business model. Our goal was to find crèches that are willing to help and partake in a Pilot Program. This allows us to test the effectiveness of using creches as a Wonderbag distribution center.

Our scenes are listed chronologically below:

Scene 1: Creating Interest in Wonderbags
Scene 2: First Trip to an Informal Settlement
Scene 3: Looking for New Products
Scene 4: Gathering Community Energy and Crèche Information
Scene 5: A Visit to Flamingo
Scene 6: Just Do It: Three Crèche Visits
Scene 7: The Reality of Low Income Areas
Scene 8: A College for Kiddies