Acts & Scenes

The 7-week period of on-site project work is difficult to summarize and explain. For this reason, our accounts were recorded throughout the process in the form of acts and scenes. The Acts contain a collection of scenes, describing events, feeling, thoughts, meetings, conversations, as we experienced them on the ground in Mtshini Wam.

Act 1: Building Relationships and Understanding 

Building Realtionships and Understanding recounts our first few weeks in Mtshini Wam and the sucesses and challenges we faced in forming relationships with community members as well as the other partners.

Act 2: Moving Forward Through Collaboration

Moving Forward Through Collaboration details the middle section of our time in Mtshini Wam and the progress we made with our project as we collaborated with Stephen Lamb from Touching the Earth Lightly.

Act 3: Creating Sustainable Improvements 

Creating Sustainable Improvements covers the final weeks we spent in Mtshini Wam and the wrapping up of our project including the installation of Litre of Light, the vertical gardens, and the creation of the gardening and carpentry group.