Final Vision


With the planned layout we tried to take into consideration as many of the objectives identified by the Provincial Government and OMEV Tenants Association that pertained to the village design as we could.

  • By including more space for commercial activity, our model accommodates five hundred job opportunities for OMEV and surrounding communities.
  • Capitalizing on space available in existing buildings and apartment buildings, our model addresses the need for housing accommodating mixed income communities by providing 600 apartment units, with a mix of affordable to high-end rents.
  • Various recreational opportunities within the recreational corridor exemplify a diverse public space for social activity. An assortment of educational entities provides opportunities to build a strong community through youth development, recreational, and educational activities.
  • Through the opportunities offered in both the residential and commercial spaces, an estimated income of R22,500,000 will be generated annually for the Provincial Government.
  • By including different sustainable design aspects such as the solar cells, a bio-digester, and wind turbines, our virtual 3-D is be able to create a template for an ecologically sustainable community that will benefit surrounding neighborhoods.
  • By creating a feasible and affordable model, we hope that the design will serve as a template for development in other communities.

Our proposals and architectural renderings were presented to the SDRC, the OMEVTA, the Provincial Government, Maitland Garden Village community members, and the local press, which was well-received. We hope that this model coupled with the SDRC’s vision document, will help convince stakeholders that moving forward with this alternative development plan will be beneficial for all those involved.