Income Generation

Income Generation

A large part of our sustainability plan consisted of determining new ways for the Indlovu Project and community members to generate income. We looked into two separate areas which are relatively simple, yet have great income generation potential.


DSCN2327There are many different facets of tourism that we explored throughout our project from bringing tourism to the Indlovu Project to the number of jobs that it could provide for the community. During meetings with our sponsor, Di Womersley, we discussed how the community could be involved in tourism in many ways including bringing weekly tour groups into the settlement. Di took us on a day trip during which we visited Guga S’thebe and learned some logistics behind the tours that they conducted in informal settlements. Ultimately, we determined that tourism could provide the job and income creation to make the community thrive. Read more about our explorations of tourism as a method of income generator here.


Crafting was a thought that was constantly on our minds as a potential means of income for the community. Because there are so many simple crafts out there, it would be a way of earning money that could be made available to everyone. As a team, we researched different simple crafting methods that used recycled materials which are easily accessible to members of the community. We also learned about community members who are currently making a living from handcrafts. During our day excursion with Di, we visited the Old Biscuit Mill, Montebello, and Guga S’thebe to learn more about what types of handcrafts can be made and how to sell them. Learn more about our craft ideas.