Planning Pages

This section discusses the methods and plans utilized to meet our project goals, detailed in Mission and Objectives. We used Shared Action Learning (SAL), a concept developed by the Cape Town Project Centre, which highlights the importance of collaboration between stakeholders.

 Mission Statement:

This project aimed to empower community members of K2 to participate in the process of planning community upgrades. Community members chose to design and plan for a community hall.  Five main objectives were developed to achieve this goal:

  1. Connect with community members to identify their needs and develop plans to initiate the upgrading process.
  2. Ensure community members are the main drivers of the project and receive support from major stakeholders using Shared Action Learning.
  3. Develop plans for the design of the community hall, a management plan for the hall, and a space for early childhood development (ECD) programmes.
  4. Discuss and prepare plans for future improvements and further community upgrades and leave a plan for future implementation of the plans.
  5. Create a graphic-based and visually appealing workbook detailing the major factors to consider when upgrading in an informal settlement. This workbook is designed to aid future upgrading efforts by communities, organisations, and individuals

Read more about how we met our objectives here. Also, see our Ethics Page here.