Playground Initiative

The construction of playground structures throughout Monwabisi Park would greatly enhance the community.  Monwabisi Park currently has few areas designated to the recreation of children; the few that do exist are primarily located in crèches and only accessible by 18% of the children who live in Monwabisi Park (ECD Emthonjeni Proposal).  Not only will playgrounds function as a place for children to play, but they will also help to clean the community because they can be constructed using recyclable materials such as tires and old zinc.  Playgrounds serve as a resource for all members of the community, and give children a stimulating place to play.

The team researched playgrounds built from reusable material in anticipation of designing and constructing a playground.  Unfortunately, the playground was not implemented but the team would recommend An Entyrely Fun Playground[4.8 MB] by James A. Jolly as an excellent source for playground ideas.  This book, which is comprised of a multitude of playground structure designs constructed from tyres and other materials that are easily accessible throughout Monwabisi Park, would be beneficial for playground projects in an informal settlement.