Context of Education in South Africa

The history of South Africa is an important factor to consider when exploring the policies and formalities of education. Apartheid, a major political, social, and economic movement that created inferior living standards for blacks, Indians, and coloured people, left devastating consequences. Effects, such as substandard education, have continued to hinder socio-economic mobility for non-white South Africans.

Understanding the full context of education in South Africa will give us a small, yet powerful insight into the factors of education, sanitation, and career development in informal settlements. It is important for us to recognize the challenges faced by these communities so our project can better aid them in creating sustainable progammes and services. Due to minimal education in informal settlements and lack of proper sanitation practices, it is a challenge to implement and put into practice a system of community health through education. Through caretaker involvement and career development, the programmes have an increased chance of being sustainable and expanded after our departure from Langrug.

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