Scene 2: Meeting with Ibrahim


When we realized that the Green Light Project was not yet ready for a venue beyond what the community centre can offer them, we decided that we needed to shift our focus to strengthening the Green Light Project’s programmes. With talking with Ronell and Shelia and observing the children in the community, we learned that the children are all very musically talented. They love expressing themselves through singing and dancing. Using our knowledge of asset based community development, we decided to create a programme that allowed the children to practice their artistic talents. The programme looks to teach children how to mix and make their own music with a computer. We told them we could provide them with a compute if we could find someone to lead the project. Ronell and Shelia invited us to meet with Ibrahim Orrie. He is a 22 year old resident of MGV who Ronell and Shelia told us would be perfect for the job.

Cast of Characters: Ibrahim Orrie, Jules, Andrea, Sheila, and Ronell


Questions to ask Ibrahim:

  1. After explaining the programme – What is your opinion? Do you think children would be interested in the mixing music?
  2. How computer literate are you? Do you already know how to use some mixing programmes?
  3. What is your availability during the week?
  4. How do you feel about working with children?
  5. Do you have any suggestions on how the programme should be run?

Key “Take Home” Observations:

  • Ebi understands the need for talent upliftment through fun activities in the community and seems like the right person for the job.

Action and Observations:

We met Ibrahim in the Community Centre in the early afternoon. After five minutes of talking with him, we knew he was our guy. Asking us to call him Ebi, he told us that our music programme was a very good idea and that there would be a lot of interest among the children in the village. He also said that since he was not currently working he would be readily available throughout the week. Most importantly, Ebi knows how to create music using computer software and hence will be the perfect person to expose the kids to this technology. He also knows how to mix music and has been mixing music of his own for a while. He is very interested in teaching the kids how to mix music like his.

Reflection and Learning

By the end of the meeting, we felt confident that Ebi was our person. He was interested in getting involved and understood the purpose of starting the programme. He was very friendly and said he was excited to get started. He gave us the impression that he was willing to put a lot of effort into starting up the programme. We are excited to get started with the next two weeks and see how the programme progresses.



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