Reflections and Recommendations

When reflecting on our experiences in Cape Town, we value the relationships we developed and are proud of our accomplishments.

Sponsor Relationship

Our relationship with our sponsors gave us a firsthand view of the relationship between bureaucracy and a social entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, Stephen Lamb was excited by the innovation of this project and valued marketing the programme to excite potential stakeholders. He wanted to see his visionary idea fruit into a practical job opportunity. While also interested in the implementation of the programme, the City carefully considered the legality and logistics surrounding the programme. While working towards the same goal, occasionally their differences were highlighted. As students implementing this programme, we tried to understand and address the needs of both of our sponsors while focusing on what was in the best interest of the implementation of the programme.

Positive Outcomes

This project focused on creating sustainable livelihoods through the design of a rooftop gardening programme in the CBD. The programme we have proposed could provide a source of employment for ten full-time low income individuals. We expect that once operational, the gardens will generate enough revenue to support all employees, maintain the gardens, and eventually expand the programme to include more rooftop gardens.
We created four proposals during our term in Cape Town showing how the big vision of the rooftop gardening programme can be implemented. All of our proposals can be found on our website:

  •  A proposal to be given to corporations to request funding for the 1000 m2 rooftop garden programme
  • A proposal seeking funding for a pilot garden on the Prestwich Memorial building
  • A proposal seeking funding for a pilot garden on the same building within a R200 000 budget
  • A proposal submitting our designs for the Prestwich Memorial garden to the building manager

We are confident that the City and TEL will be able to implement the programme using the proposals and marketing materials we provided. Figure 12 outlines the steps that the team recommends be taken by TEL in regards to the pilot rooftop garden with oversight from the City.

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