Throughout seven weeks of preparation, the team developed different approaches in order to get the Canterbury Street Lot’s community involved with the project. Nevertheless, when we encountered Cape Town’s reality, the team had to adapt and restructure our plan of action for the project. By using the Shared Action Learning (SAL) approach, the team was able to feel welcome in the community and foster collaborations with its members. If you would like to learn more about our planning process, please explore the links below.


Mission: A Lot for Everyone

This project assisted Khulisa and the street community of the Canterbury Street Lot to establish a sense of involvement and acceptance towards street people by fostering development of the lot as a welcoming space in which all members of the community can interact.



The following objectives will allow the project to work towards fulfilling its goals:

  1. Connect with the street people, Khulisa and Service Dining Rooms to define the foundation of the project
  2. Understand the dynamics of the street people and the surrounding community
  3. Collaborate with the community to design elements for implementation
  4. Implement initial physical changes to promote interest in the development of the lot
  5. Envision the future development of the lot for Khulisa, the City of Cape Town, and other partners


Shared Action Learning (SAL)
Read more about the Shared Action Learning (SAL) approach.

Ethical and Safety Considerations
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Process Narrative
Gain an inside look into the daily operations of the project.