Scene Two: Weekly Meeting with our Sponsor

Backstory: The team has weekly meetings to connect our sponsors, advisors and members of the Maitland Garden Village community.  Due to conflicts in scheduling the community centre, the meeting was moved to the Methodist Church. We were looking for information on mapping because we had started the process, but wanted to maximise our results by asking for feedback. We were also anxious to get feedback on our Steering Committee PowerPoint which we had redone from the TRUP Committee meeting.

Attendance: Ronell Trout, Sheila, Crispin Barrett, Juan Nomdo, Scott Jiusto, Bob Hersh, Caitlin Donovan, Tara Meinck, Shahbaz Soofi, Sarah Thayer

Meeting agenda:

  • Review of last week
    • Started writing the proposals – we will e-mail within the next week
    • Introduction to mapping and resource library
    • TRUP committee meeting
  • How to proceed with mapping
    • What map basis?  TRUP maps? Standardisation?
    • What factors need to be included in the map?
  • Steering committee meeting
    • How should we change our PowerPoint – add maps, more clearly outline our goals
    • What key points would you like us to hit?
      • Better introduction – ecological restoration, who we are
      • Goals
      • How to integrate heritage into the agricultural, pathway, and job creation aspects; How can this be reflected in our proposal (maybe add a connecting section?)
      • Appropriate attire for Steering Committee presentation?
  • Any  other comments?
  • Moving forward plans
    • Tuesday travelling to Harvest of Hope
    • Thursday meeting with Peter Koen to discuss water hyacinth
      • How would you like this discussion to go?
      • How should it be put in the proposal?
    • Thursday community meeting
    • Friday TRUP Steering Committee meeting
    • Mapping
    • Waiting on meeting with Pauline McConney

To read the minutes from this meeting, click here [PDF, 333 KB]

This meeting was very helpful in giving our team future direction.  For example, we will be working to make a lot of progress on the mapping aspect of our project.  This involves working with Damien to dictate what we would like to show on the map. The input for our presentation was also helpful in terms of improving the PowerPoint and even giving direction for our pathway proposal.  It was nice to see everyone so excited about our project.  Crispin and Juan also mentioned that other city officials had contacted them showing interest in our project after seeing our presentations.  This was great to hear since it made the project seem more feasible.