Profiling Community Members

Profiling in action

Profiling in action

In both 7de Laan and Flamingo, the team used profiling as a way to connect further with community members and get a sense of the assets present in the communities.  In 7de Laan, since there was little to no community leadership present and we lacked co-researchers, we profiled a portion of the community.  The hope was to use the profiles as a concrete representation of our investment and interest in learning with them and working together on an upgrading project.  We also asked questions that fostered discussion about the assets of each profiled community member – information we expected to prove valuable when beginning the upgrading process. These profiles also served to give the team a better sense of what hopes the community members had for this project and what opportunities they wanted it to bring to their community.  In Flamingo Crescent, we profiled co-workers from the city and our co-researchers.  We intended for these profiles to be used when creating a cast of characters for our website and they brought us a little closer to the rest of the Flamingo reblocking team.

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