Periodically Assess Progress

In order to stay on task in accomplishing our project goals, our team regularly reflected on both major events and daily activities. It was important to take a step back and analyse our work thus far and communicate that progress to all stakeholders in order to keep everyone on the same page and on track to reach our goals.
In order to stay organized, several members of the team took the lead on each specific project objective. Each day after work, these objective leaders met to discuss the details of the day, then updated the rest of their objective committee on our progress in each direction. This was a simple task that brought awareness to the team. Addressing the details in a smaller group, then sharing the main ideas with all stake holders helped bring clarity to the big picture.
After major events or changes in the project, the team recorded our experience using a scene. This documented the major movements of the project through our eyes, but it also gave us an opportunity to reflect on events in relation to the bigger picture of our project.