71The Cape Town Project Center has enlisted the help of 5 co-researchers- Andiswa Putsu, Happiness Mamfenguza, Thembakazi Salman, Thabo Khomane, Songezo Gulwa, and Pelo Mkaza – to assist the students in their work within Monwabisi Park. The co-researchers have played integral roles in nearly every project. They serve as translators as well as community leaders who can share their authority on various aspects of the local community [of Monwabisi Park]. As all of our projects address issues within the community it has been invaluable receiving the insight and expertise that each co-researcher has to offer surrounding working within the settlements, effectively interacting with the locals, and appropriately attending to the issue(s) at hand. It would difficult be to imagine the students’ work without the guidance and assistance of the co-researchers. Still, there is no doubt that each project would be deprived of a crucial resource with the absence of the co-researcher element.