WaSH-Serv Co-Researchers

The co-researchers and WaSH teams affectionately call Amanda Xabenolini “Amanda 2” to Amanda 2avoid confusion with the first Amanda. Amanda 2 joined the group in Week 3 when she moved to Langrug. On her first day, she helped the Energy Team tour Langrug and discover the community’s energy needs. From then on, Amanda 2 was very helpful in nearly every area. Her English was a great asset to the team. Amanda 2 has completed Grade 12 and assists in coordinating Health Promoters workshops.

FUN FACT: Amanda 2 has a knack for creating songs!






Mama ThandiNomthandazo Ntlilikithi, who we call Mama Thandi, is a caretaker of the Mandela Park Facility. She has shared many personal stories with the students about her life and childhood. Mama Thandi is very personable and comforting, evident by her ability to easily connect with children.

FUN FACT: Mama Thandi enjoys modeling in the centre of Franschhoek!








Noloyiso is calm, cool, and collected. It is very easy to make Noloyiso smile. She is Noloyisoalways quick to help set up the tables, chairs, and games for the aftercare programme.

FUN FACT: Noloyiso is expecting her third child to be born in 4 months!







SiyandaSiyanda Madaka, a proud mother of two children, is helpful, engaged, and cooperative! She was instrumental in collecting records for the Enumeration Report in Langrug in 2010-2011. Through this experience, she recognised many health needs of the community and thus started an HIV/AIDS support group in 2012. Her excellent English, health knowledge, meticulous note taking, and focus on getting work done makes her an invaluable asset.

FUN FACT: Siyanda has an incredible singing voice!