Scene 6: Launching the Public Health Programme


The team had previously purchased Pick n Pay brand nappies for the caretakers to sell at the WaSH facility for R2.50. Only 3 nappies had been sold, and the caretakers said that mothers did not like to use that brand because the nappy uses a tape that can hurt the baby if it is misplaced. Using the brand and products suggestions gathered from the caretakers, Morgan and Mackenzie purchased items for the caretaker’s health product sales.

Cast of Characters:

Morgan, Mackenzie, Poto, Tahembisa, Kholeka, Sheila


WaSH facility


Mackenzie and Morgan arrive at the WaSH facility, shortly after purchasing health and hygiene products. These products include Cuddlers brand nappies, adhesive bandages and soap bars.

Mackenzie and Morgan discuss the product sales with the ladies. Poto tells us they call bandages “plasters”, and agrees that R1 is a reasonable price for them. She suggests selling the Cuddlers nappies for R3 because that is the price the spaza shop across the street sells it for, and keeping the Pick ‘n Pay brand nappies at R2.50. She was not sure how much the bars of soap should sell for, but she suggested R4.

Mackenzie, with the help of Poto and Sheila, wrote the prices for the products on a white board, and Morgan drilled a whiteboard into one of the walls. Kholeka came to the facility, and upon seeing the price of the bars of soap, was excited and bought one. She said that bars of soap are usually about R7.50, and suggested we raise the price.

Reflection and Learning:

We were glad to really start the health and hygiene product programme. It was exciting for us to have the caretakers be so supportive of the product sales and helpful in the price determination. Although it means more work for them, they are happy to do it.