Garden Options

Garden Options

In Monwabisi Park, every household is unique. There is no set amount of space around the houses and each family has different needs. Laying out a variety of options that can be easily implemented allows each family to plan their gardens based on their individual needs, wants, and conditions. Each of the options listed below addresses a different problem which allows each household and  the community to choose what would benefit them the most.

hedges for bridgetBarrier Planting

Barrier planting, also referred to as environmental security, is a term used to describe selective planting made up of species that would create a blockade that deters unwanted visitors. Barrier plants are a viable option for the border of C section of Monwabisi Park and the neighboring Wolfgat Nature Reserve.

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Container Gardenscontainers

Container gardening is the process of growing a crop outside of ground soil, usually in a moveable container. Creating a container garden is moderately simple and costs little; the ‘container’ can be an open-air carton of almost any kind with proper drainage. This option is suitable for Monwabisi park because recycled materials that can be used as containers are readily available to the residents.

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medicinal gardensMedicinal Gardens

In addition to being a source of nutrition and aesthetics, gardens can also prove the community with usable medicinal plants. During our time in Monwabisi Park we were able to plant a small number of donated seedlings for medicinal purposes for use in the crèche and the community center.

Rooftop Moss GardenRooftop Gardens


The benefits of rooftop gardening extend far beyond adding agriculture to the community. The gardens can provide homes or community buildings with insulation, and can greatly reduce the effects of storm water runoff. The gardens team suggests that these useful gardens be further investigated for use in Monwabisi Park redevelopment.

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Wetland GardenWetland Gardens for Waste Water Management

Wetland gardens are becoming much more popular for implementation in eco-friendly toilet facilities. A wetland garden can soak up the nutrients from a bio-filter and produce successful plants, while at the same time helping in the filtration process for grey water. It is a very effective system that is low cost and easy to maintain, and is an excellent sustainable option for a community such as Monwabisi Park.

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