Our Partners

The research, recommendations, and designs produced through this project would not have been possible without the help of our project sponsors and collaborators.

Team Sponsors:

City of Cape Town Water and Sanitation Department

Founding Vision: “To become leaders in the provision of equitable, sustainable, people-centred, affordable and credible water services to all.”

For Informal Settlements: “To ensure access to a basic water supply to all informal settlements by 2008. To ensure access to basic sanitation services to at least 70% of all informal settlements by 2010.”

Special thanks to Jaco Muller, Informal Settlement Services in Water and Sanitation Department, City of Cape Town for his continued support and accommodations. Our work was greatly supplemented by his generous provision of potential case studies, experience-based ideas, explanation of City involvement, and a working office within his City department.

Also thanks to Garnett Jefferies, Head of Informal Settlement Services in Water and Sanitation Department, City of Cape Town for his warm welcome and important connections.

We would also like to thank:

  • Dr. Kevin Winter and Graduate Student Rhatidzo Dhlembeu, University of Cape Town for their continued collaboration and invaluable input, as well as their interest in continuing an intercontinental partnership on developing sustainable water and sanitation solutions for Monwabisi Park.

  • Robert Taylor, EcoBeam for his practical advice, technical expertise, and management of facility construction.

  • David Castellano, MobiSan Project in Pooke se Bos Settlement, Athlone for his enlightening suggestions concerning facility components, settlement politics, and the possibilities for the social acceptance of simple sanitation solutions.

  • Di Womersley and the Shaster Foundation for the successful establishment and maintenance of the fledgling “eco-village” in which we implemented our designs.

  • Buyiswa Tonono, Monwabisi Park C-Section Street Committee Leader for her hospitality and insight into community expectations and perceptions.

  • Professors Scott Jiusto and Joseph Petruccelli, Project Advisors for their continued guidance and support throughout our project.