Developing a Process for Implementing Greywater Interventions

The Process

During our work with the team of community members, we established a general process for approaching greywater management in small sections of the community. This process can be easily adapted to address many different issues, including but not limited to greywater management, toilet upgrading, or spatial management and urban park establishment. The main aspect of ‘the Process’ we wanted to address was its self-reforming nature, which was accomplished by adding a final stage of the Process. In this final stage, the team of community members will reflect on what happened during each stage of the Process and make adjustments if they felt anything could be improved on to increase efficiency.


The process for implementing a greywater management channel

    Step 1: Choose an area

    Step 2: Meet with community in surrounding area

    Step 3: Work with community to create a plan of action

    Step 4: Make a list of supplies and tools that will be needed

    Step 5: Build the channel

    Step 6: Analyze and evaluate the channel

    Step 7: Determine whether or not changes need to be made to the channel

    Step 8: Evaluate the process

    Step 9: Restart the process