Objective 4

Create a plan to turn the pilot learning programme into the Technology for Women’s Empowerment Programme and set up a technology access point at Sizakuyenza

The plan to turn the pilot programme into a sustainable way for the Women’s Networking Group to continue understanding and accessing technology had two main steps:

  • Designing comprehensive manuals  and lesson plans to leave behind as a reference:
    • To create a method for sustaining the understanding gained i the training sessions for both the peer teachers and the pilot trainees, we created picture-based reference manuals that explained the concepts learned. We created these manuals as we thought through the process of teaching, helping to provide step-by-step guides on how to complete each task. We adapted these manuals throughout the course of the project baed on feedback from co-researchers.
  • Creating a proposal to create a technology access point at Sizakuyenza.
    • In order to create a continued peer learning experience, we planned for the continuation of our pilot programme after we left. We developed this plan into a proposal for funding based on the conversations with our sponsor and our observations in the programme that we facilitated. The central idea of the proposal was to increase both understanding and access in relation to technology through creating a technology access point at Sizakuyenza where past participants in the training programme would teach others.