Meet the Cast of Characters

Edgar was a co-researcher on the SDR Team. He was enthusiastic and excited for the art and music programmes, and he helped lead the two events. His positivity and energetic demeanor are contagious.

Gideon was a co-researcher on the SDR Team. Among his many abilities, he has artistic skills that were exemplified by his passion for the art programme.

Greg is the operations manager of SDR and is very involved in non-governmental organizations in his position on Street People’s Forum.

Jessie is an employee of Khulisa Social Solutions, a non-profit organization geared toward helping street people in Cape Town. She was  the liaison for the Khulisa team, but she also oversaw the SDR project.

Juanita was a co-researcher of the Khulisa team who was also active in the art aspect of the SDR project.

Khulisa co-researchers are four guests of SDR that collaborated with the Khulisa team on the Canterbury lot project. This group consists of Adam, Sheryl, Joe, and Juanita.

Kiersten is a student from the Cape Town School of Photography who took photographs of guests of Service Dining Rooms (SDR).

Larry, a member of the Streetscapes pilot programme, is an aspiring artist and has been living on the street for 15 years.

Nelson is a staff member of SDR who has many roles to ensure efficient, daily operation, including morning set-up, opening and locking entrances, and handy-man work.

R.B.another SDR Team co-researcher, has lived on the streets for 15 years and provided valuable insight on programs and services for the Service Dining Rooms community.

Ricky, the Program Manager of SDR, who served as our liaison, oversees much of the daily operations of SDR and facilitates programs for guests.

Sharron, Ricky’s wife, is a personal counselor and also helps with the daily operations of SDR.

Sheryl is a woman living and working on the Canterbury lot across from Service Dining Rooms and was one of the Khulisa team’s co-researchers.

Streetscapes participants are clients of SDR that are part of a pilot program, known as Streetscapes, which provides 20-30 guests of SDR with jobs that involve both training, garden work, and other skills learning.

Tessa was a co-researcher on the SDR Team, and she has great knowledge of the street and receives considerable respect from the street community.

WPI Khulisa Team is another IQP team from WPI consisting of four students, Tatiana, Miguel, Alicia, and Keegan that was working at the Canterbury lot across from SDR.