Student Resources


Congratulations on becoming a part of the Cape Town Project Centre! We’re sure that you are so excited for your project and your time in South Africa, but also probably have many questions. What is it like doing a project in Cape Town? What do all these new terms like “Shared Action Learning” and “Acts and Scenes” mean? How much money should I bring to Cape Town? What am I supposed to pack?

Fortunately, there are alumni of the project center who have had many of these same questions, and are happy to share their experience and advice with you! Some of these questions can only be answered as you begin your experience, but hopefully some of these resources will be a good start for you. For more advice and information as part of the CTPC community, follow our Facebook page.


Prep Term (ID2050) & Project Resources

Building Your Project Website – A template and guide to creating your website, with an explanation and tips for creating each page

Student Guide to Acts and Scenes – Examples of some of the scenes from 2014 projects, to give you a better understanding of how to write a scene as well as insight into the day-to-day project experience

 Photos How-To Guide – Tips on getting images for your proposal and project website, as well as on taking pictures during your project.

Image Use Request Template – Template form for requesting online images that are under copyright, if they are necessary and helpful as a part of your project.

Life in Cape Town

Expense Report Summary – A student’s total spending organized by category

Expense Report Breakdown – A list of purchases from a student’s term in Cape Town; a good estimate of expenses and a good idea for keeping track of your spending while there!