Informal Settlement - Cape Town, South Africa (Savchuk 2012)

To gain a further understanding of the work to be done on the ground in Mshini Wam, significant background research has been conducted by the project team. Past WPI Cape Town Project Centre work was examined to acquire more comprehensive knowledge on the possible project environment, and to also gather relevant research conducted in the previous year’s projects. The teams also conducted original research regarding the formation of informal settlements post-apartheid, delving into the effects of apartheid on South Africa. Research was focused on the CIty of Cape Town, specifically Joe Slovo Park and the neighbourhood Mshini Wam. Upgrading case studies were identified and evaluated for successes and failures. Links to contextual information can be found below:

Cape Town Project Centre Context

Informal Settlements

Joe Slovo History

Lessons Learned in Early Cape Town Upgrading Projects