Objective 1: Developing Relationships

Develop Good Working Relationships with MGV and OMEV communiities and other stakeholders


Steps Description
Step One: Meet with sponsor Attend an orientation with our sponsor to better understand the project’s scope. This includes discussing interview strategies with our sponsors for interactions with relevant stakeholders. 
Step Two: Open dialogue with communities Through the interview process discussed with our sponsor, we will familiarise our team with community members that are interested in the pathway project, such as local gardeners. We want to introduce our intent to interact with communities to create a vision for the corridor. 
Step Three: Share visual aids to further develop discussion We will share visual aids such as pictures, maps, videos, objects of personal value, etc. to create a two way flow of ideas. 
Step Four: Finalise photo book We will make a compilation based on information and imagery gained in step three. This will build on previous images our team brought to Cape Town and serve as a final deliverable to develop our subsequent objectives.

Our first objective aims to build strong relationships with the Maitland Garden Village (MGV), Oude Molen Eco Village (OMEV) and other potential stakeholders. As outsiders, it can be challenging to integrate into a community but is necessary if we want to plan a useful pathway that is integrated into these communities.  We intend to build these relationships by first talking with our sponsor about interviewing and interacting with different community groups.  We will combine our previous interview plans with any suggestions we are given.  Then we will begin these interactions with the community by introducing ourselves and our project.  Visual aid will give us a further connection by sharing personal items and background.  By using some of our own imagery and combining it with imagery we are given, we will finalise the photo book we began before travelling to Cape Town.