Cast of Characters

Pathway team at our final presentation


This project is guided by Shared Action Learning (SAL), a philosophy used by all 2012 CTPC projects. SAL provides a way to think about and engage in partnerships with stakeholders. This method focuses on sharing knowledge, ideas, resources, and inspiration; taking action that supports creativity and community growth; and learning from our interactions and research through group and personal reflections (Juisto, S., Hersh, B. & Taylor, S, 2012). It combines initial background research and planning, actions in Cape Town, and project reflection.

SAL guided successful collaboration to produce positive outcomes for the pathway vision. Our key partners for collaboration were our sponsor liaisons, MGV and Oude Molen community members, and another student team working in MGV. In the initial stages of our project, there was significant sharing of initial ideas between our team and community members. As our project progressed, we reflected on information from the communities and continued sharing resources through weekly meetings. This provided a solid foundation for us to execute the main deliverable of our project, the pathway vision proposal. Every day was an opportunity for reflection and learning, and with SAL, this was integrated smoothly to the sharing and action oriented processes.

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