Act 3: Strategy and Execution

The support building phase of our project was an interesting and revealing one and despite the few setbacks we felt that we had gathered enough information to continue into an action phase of our project. In this phase, we intend to start planning and implementing procedures to ensure that the main objective of our project, which is to obtain a help centre within the nearest possible future, can be accomplished.

In this phase of our project we have been focused on finding out as much as we can about the possible venues and taking actions to secure any of the venues if possible. Through interactions with members of the Green Light Project, we feel that there are certain things that need to be done before the Green Light Project will be ready to manage a help centre and one of these things has to do with program development. In terms of deliverables, we have been working on providing a resource book which gives the Green Light Project all the necessary documents needed to be able to apply for funds. Also we have taken the initiative to help start a few projects that we feel can be implemented if the Green Light Project is able to obtain a help centre. These two programs are a music production program and a CV production program and the scenes below give an idea of some of the work that have gone into these two projects as well as some of the information we have found out concerning some of the potential venues we have been investigating.

Scene 1: Meeting With Property Management

Cast of Characters: Edmund, Andy, Sarah, Caitlin, Property Representatives

Act 2 was mainly focused on building support for our push for a help centre and through the many meetings we had, one important outcome was that there was a lot of community interest in the driving range space. Members of our team along with some members of the CTPC pathway team met with representatives of the property management department of the City of Cape Town. In this meeting, we discussed lease issues with the driving range and also the procedures that need to take place in order to convert this space from a driving range to a multi-purpose facility which will include a sports recreation space for the Green Light Project and the Garden Village Soccer Club, the garden space and the help centre building to be shared by the community members. Also addressed at this meeting was a time frame for this to take place.

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Scene 2: Meeting with Ibrahim

Cast of Characters: Ibrahim Orrie, Juliana Fekete, Andrea, Sheila, and Ronell

As we wished to establish a tangible programme for the organisation, a meeting was set up with a local name Ibrahim, or Ebi as he likes to be called. Meeting in the community centre, two members of the MGV team met with Ebi to discuss the possibility of a music programme where the local children would be able to record and mix their own music. Ebi was receptive to the idea and felt it would have a great impact and benefit to the community and its youth.A tentative meeting plan and venue was established and the plan began.

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Scene 3: First Music Meeting

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Ashney, Roben, Ibrahim Orrie and the kids

After meeting with Ebi previously, a second meeting was called to include the leader of the music programme within the Green Light Project, Roben,  and another young adult interested in taking part in the programme, Ashney. The three would be established as the leaders of the new programme and a few details and logistics were discussed. Another meeting was scheduled for with staff of the community centre to find out times available for the programme in the community centre. Finally, Roben was able to have some of the children perform for the group showing their skill, creativity, and willingness to learn.

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Scene 4: Meeting with Sponsor

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Scott, Bob, Ronell

As we gathered for our weekly meeting with our advisors and sponsors, we looked forward to hearing feedback on all of the writing we had been working on for quite some time and receiving the necessary information missing from Ronell. The meeting began with the topic of the current status of our written proposal/business plan. Following this, we went to discuss the new programme that was in the process of being implementeed and the tentative agenda and plan. After discussing the previous music meeting and hopes of practicing the following day for a concert in the near future, the concept of using the concert as our final presentation surfaced. With agreement from our sponsor and the team, it was decided that we would present our progress on the project on the last few days of our time in Cape Town, depending on venue availability. We then spoke to Ronell about the information we needed from her to complete our resource book and how we can obtain that information.

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Scene 5: Figuring Out a Programme for the Concert

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Ebi, Eddy, Loreto, Ashney and Robyn

On the first official day of the programme in the community centre, the three leaders and a group of local children arrived with open minds and high hopes. Loreto, an employee of the commuinty centre, was there to help with venue issues for the practices. Soon we were given a date and time for the concert and plenty of time for the children to use the centre to practice. After dealing with the venue details, the team was able to work with the children and leaders to listen to music and create a list of songs for a concert program, giving direction to the concert and practices. Soon, more children came to join in and sing along with everyone.

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Scene 6: Meeting with Naiela

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Naiela, Ronell, Sheila

With the new programme beginning and the proposal still in the works, the team thought it would be beneficial to meet with Naiela in regards to her awareness projects to get a better idea of how to run a proper programme. We asked questions about scheduling for her programs and who was involved in her projects. It was helpful to be able to speak with a leader of a programme that is known for its involvement and positive results.

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Scene 7: Training Session with the Kids

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, children and GLP music programme leaders.

Upon drawing out a programme,we met with the kids for the second time after a no show on our first meeting. Measures were put in place this time to ensure that everyone was present for this meeting and we were really excited about how the meeting went. We rehearsed songs with the children and allowed them to play around with the songs and come up with dances to the song. The concert looks like it is going to be a great success.

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Scene 8: The Final Presentation and Concert: 

The concert was planned for Thursday, December 14. With little idea of what the turn out for guests might be, we were very excited to find the entire community centre filled upon our arrival. The majority of our audience turned out to be children. This was great since our programme was meant for children. The concert consisted of singing and dancing performances by the children of the village. By the end of the concert all the guests, including the advisors, sponsors and WPI students, were up on stage, singing and dancing with the children. Overall the concert was a great success and perfect way to end our work in MGV. It was also as our advisor put it, “a Cape Town Project Centre first!”

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