Background Research

Before our arrival in Cape Town, our team did extensive research into informal settlement upgrading initiatives both in Langrug and elsewhere in South Africa. The following is a compilation of both the WaSH and Communications Teams’ preparatory research. While extensive, this information provides detailed context for our work in Langrug. It also shows what assumptions we had about this project before our work began.

Communication and Social Considerations

Communications Background Research (591.53 KB, .pdf)

  • Informal Settlement Upgrading Strategies
  • SDI and its Strategies
    • Enumeration
    • Community Saving Schemes
    • Deep Democracy
  • Overall Communication Techniques
  • Community involvement in sanitation upgrading projects

Technical Considerations

Possible WaSH Design Features

  • Innovative ideas for a WaSH station that goes above the standard in sanitation

Previous WaSH Projects

  • Learning from past sanitation projects

Reblocking Projects

  • What reblocking is and how it relates to sanitation projects in slums

SDI Projects

  • SDI’s worldwide projects’ portfolio