How Simple Office Supplies Can Spark Progress



During the partnership meeting on November 6, many important points were made regarding the MPC and the reblocking process. Throughout the discussion, a new approach was used: a white board and marker to take notes. This allowed the entire meeting to see the discussion points and agree on responsibilities.

Cast of Characters

Joey- Municipality of Stellenbosch, WPI, Olwethu & Baraka- CORC, Langrug Working Team


Wendy House during partnership meeting on November 6, 2012.


On the day of the partnership meeting, Scott and Bob arrived with white boards and markers for the working team. These proved to be essential to the meeting and as points were brought up during the presentations, Tim began making a checklist of all the important details and who would be responsible for them. This list was shown throughout the meeting and it was agreed upon which partner would be responsible for each “action item.”  As each discussion topic was finished, a picture of the white board was taken to be recorded afterward electronically and we would begin the same process for each main category discussed during the meeting.


This was one of the most productive meetings to date, and it is interesting to think that something as simple as a white board and marker could make such a difference in conducting a partnership meeting. This meeting allowed us to move forward and gave each partner a list of action items to have completed by the next partnership meeting. This meeting was a turning point and hopefully with the completion of this checklist that we created, we will be able to move forward and have a good sense of direction for next week.