Resources for informal settlement greywater system upgrading

Although the team of WPI students has left South Africa, the co-researchers will continue to work in Langrug to catalyze community-driven greywater system upgrading. In order to support their work, the WPI students have left them with various resources.


The Guidebook is a document that details our work in Langrug and describes the Process developed for greywater management system upgrading, as well as various stormwater and greywater management techniques that can be applied in informal settlements.
Unfortunately, the Guidebook Addressing Sustainable Upgrading of Greywater and Stormwater Management Systems cannot be made publicly available at this time. It can be accessed here by those with proper authorization.

Greywater Solutions Manual

The manual is a companion document for the Guidebook. It is meant to aid help the co-researchers to describe greywater risks and possible solutions to community members by providing image-based explanations.
Unfortunately, the Manual of Solutions for Greywater Management in Informal Settlements cannot be made available on this website due to the large file size.

Information regarding the greywater management solutions described in this manual and in the guidebook (see above) was obtained largely from the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council’s Urban Small Sites Best Management Practice Manual[1] and from work carried out in Khayelitsha’s Monwabisi Park by WPI’s 2010 Stormwater IQP group.

Co-researcher Scholarship

To support the co-researchers financially and allow continuing work on greywater system upgrading, WPI has agreed to fund a stipend for them in cooperation with Stellenbosch Municipality. WPI’s portion of this stipend is provided via a “Co-researcher Scholarship,” which is governed by the terms outlined in the <emWPI Cape Town Project Centre Co-Researcher Scholarship Agreement. This document can be found here [PDF, 242KB].

Executive Summary

This executive summary outlines our project work, focusing mostly on work done while the WPI students were still in South Africa, but briefly discussing the co-researchers’ ongoing work on greywater upgrading in Langrug. The Langrug Greywater Team’s executive summary can be found here [PDF, 2.2MB].


This poster was created by the team and co-researchers for use in public presentations near the project’s conclusion, Langrug Greywater Poster smallest size [PDF, 2MB].


This website serves as a description of our project work, and it will hopefully be helpful to the co-researchers as a way to help explain our work this spring to others.


The Langrug Greywater Team co-researchers and the Langrug WaSH co-researchers will be sharing a blog, to be used for communicating the progress of their ongoing work to the WPI students and advisors involved in the project. The blog is also meant to act as a reference and forum for NGOs working on informal settlement upgrading in other areas.

The process of training the co-researchers to use and update the blog is still underway, but when ready, the link to the blog will be posted here.