Shared Action Learning

Shared Action Learning (SAL) is defined as a way to think about and engage in partnerships for sustainable community development. SAL emphasizes Sharing among partners of ideas, knowledge, resources, inspiration, and compassion; Action that supports the creative impulses and growth of communities and partners; and Learning drawn from research, action and critical, reflexive practice (CTPC Website, 2013).

Our team was able to put this method into practice by focusing on what the Kiddies and children of  Langrug communities were in need of at the time. During this time of beginning to work on their immediate needs, we were able to form relationships with both Kiddies College and some of the Langrug community. This combination of beginning to meet their needs and forming relationships with communities helped motivate the community to become involved in the process. This lead to a passion for our project on both our team’s end, as well as Kiddies and Langrug’s end. For example, a community leader in Langrug helped us plan the hand painting activity with the crèches as well as participate in the activity herself. Through this Shared Action Learning process, sustainable solutions are created that will be kept up by the passionate communities after the CTPC’s departure from Cape Town.

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