Community Centres: Designs

Community Centre Report


Proposed Designs

There are a few main services that are beneficial for community centres to offer.

  • Crèche
  • Youth Centre
  • Health Clinic
  • Community Meeting Room
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Guest House

A crèche is good to have because provides young children a safe place to stay while their parents are away during the daytime. Here the children can play, develop skills and make friendships that they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity for. Youth centres are also an important consideration for older children. They provide a positive environment for children to hang out at after school. It’s a good way to keep older children from spending a lot of time at shabeens or getting involved in alcohol and drugs. A health clinc gives sick people, such as TB patients, a place to get care (i.e. medicine and a good meal). There is a lack of good health care in informal settlements. Meeting rooms and general community space are extremely important to have so community members have a place to meet and socialize as well as a place to hold funerals. Soup kitchens are also very important for sick, disabled and unemployed people who cannot otherwise get a good meal. Another service is guest houses. A guest house provides a source of income for the community centre and gives volunteers a place to stay.

Instead of putting all of the same services in every location, some services can be spread out. The team recommends that community halls and youth centres be built in every section of the settlement and that health centres only in Section A and Section C will sufficiently serve this demographic.

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Author: WPI CT09 Buildings