The Process – Step 4

Making a list of necessary supplies

To determine the cost of the channel, a list of supplies and tools that are needed should be made. First, the community should identify who has tools – shovels, wheelbarrow, etc. – that can be used. Once these supplies are identified, the provided tables detailing what supplies are needed for different channel options can be filled out. These should be accurate and complete, since they will be used to submit with the Community Upgrading Finance Facility (CUFF*) form. Once the cost sheet is filled out and the community knows how much money they need to raise, one community member will be chosen to collect the money and work with a member of CORC to properly submit the CUFF paperwork. When the CUFF is approved, the supplies will be delivered to the appropriate area in Langrug, allowing for the start of the building process.


*CUFF (Community Upgrading Finance Facility) is a program through the NGO Community Organisation Resource Center (CORC) that works with informal settlement upgrades. CUFF provides informal settlements with the opportunity to make upgrades which they would otherwise be unable to afford. This program stipulates that the community fronts 10% of the cost of materials while CORC will supply the other 90%. A detailed plan for the upgrade that the community is planning must be submitted to the CUFF Board of Review; this includes a cost estimate and a design plan provided by the community.