Act 3: Establishing Pilot Programs

By connecting and collaborating with sponsors, partners, and crèche leaders in Act 2, we developed our entrepreneurial business model to test in Pilot Programs. Act 3 records our progress in establishing and monitoring two Pilot Programs: one at Gege’s Crèche, a crèche in the low income township of Langa, and one at Kiddies College Preschool, a crèche in the middle income community of Observatory. The goal of the Pilot Programs was to analyze the entrepreneurial business model and receive feedback on how to improve it for crèches in other communities.

Our Scenes are listed chronologically below:

Scene 1: Pilot Program
Scene 2: A Second Pilot Program
Scene 3: Sustainable Sales
Scene 4: Low Income Energy Services Task Team Meeting
Scene 5: Lunch at the Crèche
Scene 6: Exploring Other Products
Scene 7: Graduation
Scene 8: Enjoying Electricity
Scene 9: Collaboration for Future Implementation
Scene 10: Keep Smiling