The goal of our project was to promote the importance of Early Childhood Development in Cape Town, while ensuring that the CTPC develops the capability to participate in ECD-based projects in the future. Given this, we worked at two different sites and connected with a local NGO. To learn more about how we reached these outcomes, visit the links below.

Kiddies College Preschool 

First in collaboration with Kiddies College Preschool we upgraded multiple aspects of their record keeping system.

        * The Student Fees Payment Record is an excel file which simplifies recording of tuition payments as well as a how-to guide for easy use.

      * Microsoft Office was purchased allow for the archiving of a variety of files to avoid the use of PDF files and to allow highly used documents to be easily editable.

        * Our final contribution to Kiddies College Preschool was the upgrading of their paper filing system for student’s personal records.

Not only did these outcomes allow us to develop a working relationship with Kiddies College Preschool, but they also have furthered our project goal of providing knowledge for future CTPC teams working within the realm of ECD.

Incorporating WaSH into ECD teachings in Langrug

After observing the functionality of a well-developed crèche in Cape Town at Kiddies College Preschool, our team spent the next six weeks working in Langrug with community leaders, caretakers of the WaSH facility, and local crèche leaders in Langrug to implement the following upgrades at the WaSH facility:

       * Upgrading of the children’s toilets – This activity promoted community involvement as well as the use of the WaSH facility by children.

       * The creation of a space for children to sit and draw while their family members are utilizing the WaSH facility.

       * A stool was purchased to allow small children to access the sink more easily.

       * A watering can was brought to see if children would have fun cleaning their legs and feet.

      * The creation of a mobile hand washing station to be used outside of the WaSH facility.

All of these implementations helped us in attaining our goal of furthering the CTPC’s ability to improve the presence of ECD in community spaces of informal settlements.

Connecting the CTPC with the CECD 

During our work with these two communities, we contacted the Centre for Early Childhood Development to gather information and resources to leave behind for future CTPC teams. In meeting with them we created a very important relationship which lead to the commitment of the collaboration of WPI’s CTPC and the CECD on future projects involving ECD.

Final Presentation Materials 

The Cape Town Project Centre’s calls for the team’s creation of an executive summary and final poster for the project to end our project time in Cape Town. To view these items click the link above.