Epilogue: What does the future hold?

The evolution of a self-reportedly somewhat complacent community into a motivated one has been remarkable. In a short seven weeks, several dozen residents of Maitland Garden Village have joined together to both mentally and physically develop a community driven development program; thus bringing into existence the Maitland Garden Village Green Light Project.

The future of MGV’s Green Light Project harbours real potential for the residents involved and the community in its entirety. Because the creation and development of this project was community driven, it encourages longevity, pride, continuing motivation and the project strives for success.  Not only will the community grow from the evolution of the Green Light Project, but the individuals will as well. The specificity of each Green Light Program promotes personal growth, skill development, leadership and pride. The community has proven to themselves that when united and motivated they can make a difference. We sincerely hope that the Green Light Project and Maitland Garden Village will continue to thrive and accomplish great success.

However, our part in this story is over, and the next book will be written about the people who come after us.  You who are reading this, parents, fellow professors and students, company executives and employees, and members of nonprofit organizations, can contribute a verse to this play of life being performed in the Garden Village.  We cannot claim to be omniscient regarding the future for the Garden Village, though we can suggest ideas for future development.

The Green Light Project brought a great many people in the community to work collectively on their program with the government and nearby communities.  How can future projects build on the success story of this passionate and skilled community?  How can these projects further develop the relationship between the Garden Village and its neighbours or the South African Government?  A number of groups, including our school, have invested in the Garden Village with projects after seeing the community’s value.  What other groups might be interested, and what specifically would they do?  Everyone has skills.  What kind of project would make good use of yours?  These questions are important to consider before starting a new venture in the Garden Village.

We would like to leave you with this thought, perhaps after brainstorming project ideas.


We all have visions for the future.  What are you willing to do in order to bring it to life?