Prior to our arrival in Cape Town, all of the accomplishments listed below had still not been achieved since the project’s beginning over a year ago.  Having the time, availability, energy, and persistence that the other driving forces could not provide, we accomplished all of these things and more in seven week’s time.

Here is a list of our major accomplishments:

  1. Aiding in the addition of bicycles for the seven beekeepers.

    Left to Right: Clyde, Yolanda, Sakeena, Abel, Richard, and Cindy Jacobs, City of Cape Town Project Manager of Sustainable Livelihoods and Greening Programmes

  2. Organizing the signing of Cape Flat Honey’s first legal document:  a lease at The Business Place of Philipi to implement their first hives.
  3. Organizing the completion of Cape Flat Honey’s co-operative paperwork including the Name Registration, Application, Auditor Exemption Form, Constitution, Business Plan, and Cost Analysis.
  4. Catalyzing all the steps necessary for the production of Cape Flats Honey’s first honey product: Two hundred 250g jars of pure South African honey.  This included assisting in finalizing the logo and labels, researching potential suppliers to then choose the best options, and making first business transactions.
  5. Organizing the completion of the beekeeper’s portfolios for submission to OTI and AgriSETA for future return of official beekeeping certificates.
  6. Aiding in the development of the beekeeper’s typing and business skills.
  7. Aiding in the development of responsibility, commitment, and drive.
  8. Reigniting confidence and enthusiasm in the seven beekeepers.
  9. Fully preparing with the beekeeper’s their first product for sale:  250g of pure South African honey!

    First Honey Sale