Implementation of Good Hope College Initiation Site

1. Land Transfer

Development of the site can only commence once the property has been transferred to the Social Welfare Department.  The application for the transfer of land has already been made.  It is assumed that the transfer will be completed in January 2011 in order to begin development before the end of the fiscal year.

2. Waivers

To ensure that the proposed site fencing does not interfere with underground utilities, applications for waivers will have to be submitted to Telkom (telephone cables), Eskom (electrical cables), and water supply and sewage lines (Water and Sanitation Department).

3. Environmental Clearance

A Notification of Intent to Develop (NID) will have to be submitted to Heritage Western Cape for permission to construct the fence without having to follow the full Environmental Impact Assessment process.  The NID must be submitted to the City’s Heritage Resource Section, Environmental Resources Management Department.

4. Building Plan Approval

Fencing and shower building plans must be submitted to the Building Development Management Department for building plan approval.

5. Tendering Process

In the absence of experienced project management staff, it is recommended that the Social Development Department seeks the assistance of relevant line departments when tendering for contractor services for the implementation of all capital projects.  However, the Department must first make the necessary reservation of funds for each capital project.

  • Fill: a contractor should be contacted by the City of Cape Town
  • Fencing: The Urban Design Department manages an annual tender for concrete palisade fencing.
  • Irrigation and Planting: Contact the City Parks Department
  • Water Supply: Contact the Khayelitsha office of the Water and Sanitation Department
  • Dropping of Curb: Contact Roads and Stormwater Department at Mitchells Plain