Lunch Scene


The WPI team has been bringing a lunch to share with the working team members. The team usually brought bread with peanut butter, jelly or Nutella. The working team members seemed to gladly eat what was brought and would occasionally contribute beverages or extra loaves of bread.

Cast of Characters

WPI teams, working group, Jack


Tuesday, 30 October; Wendy House


Jack initiated a discussion with the working team and at one point he asked whether they had any comments on how the WPI teams work with them. The very first thing that the working group members brought up was that they did not like the lunch that WPI was providing for everyone, because it was too sweet for them to eat, especially every day. They requested that if lunch was to be eaten together, there should be saltier options, especially meat and cheese. At first the WPI team was irritated because the working group had never explicitly mentioned their dissatisfaction with the lunch arrangement. However, since this issue was brought up, it gave everyone a chance to work through a small communication issue and come up with solutions. It was decided that we all enjoy eating lunch together, and that the WPI team could start bringing lunch meat instead of sweet spreads. In some cases, the WPI team could bring some ingredients that Kholeka and other working group members could use to cook for everyone.


This was an important discussion because it demonstrated how the working group and the WPI teams communicate with each other. The WPI teams were unaware that there were any issues with lunch because the working group had not communicated these concerns with them. The working group was hesitant to bring up these concerns because they did not want to seem ungrateful. Discussing communication issues with each other in this way should be done on a daily basis so that we can quickly and smoothly work through barriers that inhibit productivity and relationship building.