Findings Report

Based on learning through all phases of this project, from meetings with departments within the City of Cape Town and interviews with low income community members, we offer the following findings for creating a sustainable, effective entrepreneurial initiative to sell energy efficient products in low income communities. These findings were strengthened through a variety of meetings with product distributors, crèche leaders, and departments within the City of Cape Town. More information about these can be found below in the Findings  Report.

Finding #1: Selling Energy Efficient Products cannot be the Entrepreneurs Sole Business and Income

Finding #2: Distribution Location must be able to Provide Trust, Affordability, and Product Confidence

Finding #3: Crèches are Effective Distribution Centers with a Regular Market for Energy Efficient Products

Finding #4: Product Inventory must be Provided by a Distributor on Microconsignment and Delivered to the Location

Finding #5: Entrepreneurial Responsibilities Need to be Conveyed in Simple Graphics

Finding #6: High Initial Cost of Energy Efficient Products Reduces their Market



The Energy Team created a Findings Report  [PDF, 11 MB] which explains our research, methodology, recommendations, and outcomes in depth.


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