Meet the Co-researchers

Tessa, a Co-researcher
Tessa is well-respected on the streets of Cape Town. Originally from Delft South, she came to the city in search of a safe haven after witnessing violence. Tessa currently resides on the streets with one of her sons. She says the people on the streets are her family, and her passion for people on the streets fueled her drive in documenting biographies as a part of this project. Through all her trials and tribulations, Tessa remains very faithful and optimistic for her future.




Edgar was a young child during the apartheid era in Lambertsbay. Orphaned at the age of 11, Edgar was moved to a children’s home. At the age of 18, Edgar joined the army and was a corporal in the infantry for two years. Due to a variety of difficulties, he currently lives on the streets of Cape Town. Similarly to Tessa, Edgar feels the people on the streets are his family and enjoys how authentic they are. He enjoys anything involving art and music, and in this project he demonstrated his talents by painting and playing the piano and the guitar.







Gideon was a co-researcher for the first half of this project, but he remained involved after he received and accepted a job offer to work with the Streetscapes programme. Gideon currently lives on the streets because of a business venture turned wrong long ago in which he was left penniless, houseless, and jobless. He is passionate about art, and his beautiful artwork was part of the inspiration to host the art programme.




R.B. grew up in the northern part of Cape Town. After a series of difficult events, R.B. found himself on the streets where he has resided for the past 15 years. In his spare time, he  sells black bags in affluent neighborhoods. R.B. has a great deal of experience living on the streets and offered important insights and criticisms from that perspective in this project.