Act 4: Deliverables and New Partnerships

Scene 1: Meeting with Stephen

This scene describes an exciting first meeting for us with Stephen Lamb, of Touching the Earth Lightly, who would potentially be the construction manager of our project.

Scene 2: Moving Forward with Enviro Loo

It took most of the term to establish the role Enviro Loo would have in our project.  In this scene, we had the opportunity to meet with the managing director of the company and reach an initial agreement.

Scene 3: Meeting with Joey

Though we had not been working with the Municipality of Stellenbosch, this scene with Joey, a representative of the municipality, shows the promise of renewing future collaboration.

Scene 4: The Pilot Project

This scene describes our first attempt at implementing the health product sales at the WaSH facility.

Scene 5: Extracting Elevations and Pitching the Pilot Program

We got to work closely with Trevor and progress on our improvements to the Mandela Park facility in this scene.

Scene 6: Launching the Public Health Programme

The health product sales take off, with a more successful implementation occurring in this scene.

Scene 7: “Do You Trust Us?”

Toward the end of the project, we feared our co-workers were beginning to lose faith in our work with little physical progress being made.  This scene describes a poignant meeting at which these feelings were brought to light.

Scene 8: Leaving Langrug

This scene describes our emotional last day in the informal settlement.