Act 4: Why We Do What We Do

Cast of Characters:

Nobathembu, Children of the Créche, ECDC Team, Kiddies College Preschool Learners, Ms. May, Eric Atmore, Children of Langrug

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Throughout our time here we have had many experiences. Some of these experiences have scratched at the surface of many emotions and tough realizations about realities that we never knew existed. Within these scenes, we hope to paint a picture of what life in Cape Town is like, as well as the journey we took here and the opportunities it gave us to grow not only as students, but overall as people.


Back to Langrug


After our group met with Scott and Lorraine on Monday morning, we decided that we would try to travel to Langrug twice a week for the rest of our time here. We plan to explore ways to connect with Nobathembu’s crèche and eventually focusing on WaSH in the crèche. In order to learn more about the crèche and to begin creating this connection, we trekked out to the settlement to meet with Nobathembu and observe the children at play in the crèche.

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A Kiddies Graduation


When we started our work in Cape Town, we focused on assisting with the immediate needs of Kiddies College Preschool. Alongside with revamping their record keeping system, the team helped with creating general graduation certificates. The purpose was to, like creating generic contact sheets, allow Kiddies College to easily use these documents for the coming years. Through the process of checking and double-checking the learners’ name and realizing that we could now recognize these names as the kids we had seen so often, we grew excited for the day of the ceremony.

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Meeting with the CECD


Throughout our prep term, we researched articles from the Centre of Early Childhood Development (CECD). After some delay, we were finally able to meet with Eric, the director of the centre. Our group went into the meeting with a fairly broad agenda to see what kind of things the CECD had to offer, whether knowledge or skills.

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The students and Eric Altmore


Blessing in Disguise – Promoting Health in Langrug


In an attempt to promote the education of WaSH in Langrug, we have tried to connect with local crèches. With this connection our hope has been to promote the use of the WaSH facility and make it appeal especially to children. Educating people from a young age about the importance of general hygiene as well as the proper care of wounds or scrapes is something we would like to move towards with further projects in Langrug.

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