Act 2: Connecting, Becoming One


The Mentors Look On As Nadjia Shows Them Their House Pictures

The Mentors Look On As Nadjia Shows Them Their House Pictures

This act contains six scenes that highlight the emotional attachment that The Big Issue Team and the vendors began to create. These scenes features a number of meetings in which the team interviewed and videotaped all twelve vendors in order to learn their stories and help The Big Issue with the start of their website platform. During this time we initiated a vendor mentor program, in which we worked as co-researchers with a small subset of the larger vendor group, helping them develop the ability to train the other vendors. The goal of the program was to develop training materials, strategies and a cohort of leaders who would ensure the programs sustainability after we leave. The vendor mentors were picked and we experimented with different communication platforms to begin the learning process. The team also visited the houses of each vendor in order to grow a deeper connection between our group and the vendors, and give them the opportunity to share their home lives with a larger audience. These scenes highlight the many accomplishments and sense of community that was formed between us and the vendors as well as the hurdles that had to be jumped to reach this.

Scene 1: Emotions Run High

Scene 2: Vendor Mentor Pilot

Scene 3: Take Two

Scene 4: Breaking It Down

Scene 5: Becoming a Family

Scene 6: Sharing a Coke with…Friends

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