Moving Forward

In the coming year, the co-researchers will continue to use and optimise the process to implement greywater management solutions throughout Langrug. WPI, CORC/SDI, and the Stellenbosch Municipality will support these efforts. The co-researchers have already intiated a large-scale project along a road on the eastern side of Langrug, and they have been able to get extensive community involvement in this project, even instituting a community member as project overseer. The co-researchers plan to act more as guides and advisors in the process, helping community members to understand their options and plan for implementation, but not being deeply involved in the physical labour. In order to aid in these efforts, the WPI students have left the co-researchers with a guidebook detailing the process and describing various greywater management options in detail, as well as a manual which can be used to explain the most pertinent options to community members. Using these resources, the co-researchers plan to experiment with new techniques, where applicable, in order to determine the best methods for various conditions. The co-researchers and WPI students plan to stay in contact over the coming year concerning project progress and for support.