Phase II

This report has focused on Phase I of the development of the Good Hope College Initiation Site.

The completion of Phase II will be dependent upon the success of the City’s application to the National Department of Public Works for the sale or lease of the required portion of the Denel site.

We wish, however, to highlight the following:

  • In the application to the National Department of Public Works, Appendix L – Phase II, in this report may be used as the basis of the description of the recommended site that is required.  Special reference should be made of the fact that the land requested is located outside the Denel fence, the topography of the site renders it useless for commercial development, and that initiation initiatives are supported by the national government
  • The enclosure of the whole site at one time will be R20 000 cheaper than the cost of the two phase development, however, the total development is likely not feasible in a timely manner. Cost would be reduced because concrete palisade fencing is not required on the western boundary because of the existing Denel fence.
  • In the two phase development, most, if not all of the concrete palisade fencing along the Phase I northern boundary can be dismantled and re-used to increase the size of the site.