Below is the Early Childhood Development Information Packet. This is a compilation of work from our team, our sponsor, the Centre for Early Childhood Development, and the WPI Flamingo team from 2014. This info pack encompasses all aspects of an early childhood development centre, including construction, management, registration, and much more. For any further questions please contact

ECD Info Pack [5 MB, PDF]

Registration Forms:

City of Cape Town Forms-

Health Clearance Form [69 kB, PDF]

Food Clearance Form [87 kB, PDF]


National Child Protection Register Forms-

Form 29 [38 kB, PDF]

Form 30 [28 kB, PDF]


Department of Social Development Forms-

Form 11- Application for Partial Care Registration [87 kB, PDF]

Form 16- ECD Programme Application [115 kB, PDF]

Partial Care Facility Checklist [95 kB, PDF]


Executive Summary [18 MB, PDF]

Final Presentation [4MB, PDF]