Future Building Advice

Building Techniques

For similar building projects in the future, the team has a few recommendations. First, plan a detailed tools and materials list before arriving at a hardware store. If there are multiple options for tools, make note of them because stores do not necessarily carry every option. Research where materials are available both online and by talking with locals to ensure the best possible store options and prices. When purchasing materials, buy extra of the easily broken or often used pieces, which can always be returned, just in case something happens on-site that could potentially cause delays in construction.

Second, make a detailed plan of what needs to be accomplished each day. Without a plan, tasks will be forgotten or done out of order, which could cause issues. Outline what needs to be done, how it can happen, and what tools and materials are needed to complete it.

Third, have each person take a designated role during construction. These roles give a specific person responsibility for a task, eliminating the chances that something gets overlooked. These roles include safety coordinator, social coordinator, materials, etc.


When working with community members and others, be sure to collaborate on building plans. Sharing ideas can result in both better building results and more efficient building techniques. It is important to engage everyone who is involved in the project,  both to learn what they have to offer and to establish a positive relationship. Often locals have unique methods of construction and a different perspectives, making them valuable resources throughout different stages of the project. Working with everyone’s input usually leads to the success of the construction projects.