Alfred’s Presence in Langrug


In the weeks that we’ve been here, it has become apparent that Alfred and Trevor are often not present in Langrug during the day unless they are needed for an important meeting. We’ve been getting a little frustrated with them since they are the leaders of the community, and we need their help and support with our projects. Trevor and Alfred were in Langrug on this particular morning for a meeting with the ward councillor.



Working group, WPI team, Alfred



Wendy house on the morning of 15 November



The working group filed back into the wendy house after their long meeting with the councillor. After a quick debriefing, Trevor said he needed to leave for a few hours but would return later. Trevor did not end up returning. Alfred looked around at all of the posters of the work we’ve been doing since he’s been gone doing ISN things for the past few weeks. He smiled, shook his head and said “I miss my days in Langrug. I’m kind of a person who is lost now.”



 This felt like a real breakthrough moment for Alfred. We’ve all been frustrated with Trevor and Alfred’s absence from their own community, especially when they come to partnership meetings asking so urgently for implementation when they aren’t around to help. We thought they just didn’t care and were avoiding their roles in Langrug because of the pressures, dangers and burdens of the work. However, Alfred’s statement made us realize that he actually cares about Langrug and was never purposely avoiding his duties there. It also highlights the fact that without being involved in his community, Alfred feels out of touch and regretful for not being there during the past weeks. It made us hopeful that Alfred will stick around more to help us with his positivity, skills and knowledge. However, it is easy to say he misses his community but much harder to act on that statement.