Project Resources

Another sign of your accomplishments will be your project resources. You have probably seen the Resource Library on the CTPC website, and hopefully the materials that your project generates can be integrated into the Community Development Resources that we have. These resources can be anything from manuals to templates, project generated documents or construction designs. Make sure to use the Community Resources Series template at the beginning of each of your documents so that if someone downloads and shares your document with others with no knowledge of your project that all the information they need to understand the “who, what, why and where to get more” about the document is conveyed in the cover page and preface. You also may need to edit your resources to make them universal enough to be applied elsewhere. Make sure that specific names, especially linked to personal information, are generalized, and that necessary context is given with presented materials. That doesn’t mean you have to change your data or keep everything nonspecific, but it does mean respecting people’s privacy and giving the right framework. Also be sure to include your Executive Summary as one of your project resources.

When you add a resource to your project’s resource page, give your resource a concise but descriptive title, and clearly label and explain what the material is. Without any description, people may be confused as to what they are looking at or how they can apply it. Also include a link to the PDF version of your resources so that they are easily accessible from this page.

For more information and some good examples of a project resources page, check out: