Scene 7: Training Session with the Kids



Our group, along with the leaders of the music programme and Loreto, was able to discuss on last Thursday a schedule running up to the concert. It was really disappointing that none of the leaders were able to show up for the first day of practice on Friday. It was a day wasted and we put measures in place to ensure that Tuesday will not be a bad turn out and that we will be able to hold a successful practice session with the kids.

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, local children


Seeing that we had a bad turn out on our first day of practice, we took a few steps to ensure that we will be able to make up for lost time during this meeting and also to ensure that all measures have been taken place to ensure that the leaders are present. Hence we printed out copies of the lyrics to the songs, downloaded all backtracks needed as well as the actual songs being sung. We also called all the leaders reminding them to be present at the meeting.

Key “Take Home” Observations:

  • There has been a slight loss of commitment from the leaders of the music programme.
  • Jackie was very excited to see the kids being involved in the practice session.
  • The kids are quick learners and seem to be having fun with the programme.

Action and Observations:

We met with the kids and the leaders and began the day with the kids listening to the songs we intended for them to sing again. We then let them sing to the backtracks of the songs we intend to have them perform in the concert and also had them dance to some of the songs they wanted to dance to as well.

Reflection and Learning:

It was very exciting to watch the kids singing and dancing as everyone around was having fun watching. The kids are fast learners and seem to be the right group of people to be working with on such a project. It is important that the leaders continue to sustain the kids’ interests by finding the right kind of songs for the kids as it seems important to them.

Moving Forward

We intend to stick to this procedure of preparing for the meetings since it seemed to work compared to the first meeting. We however intend to allow the leaders to take a much more forward role in the running of the meetings since it is going to be something they spear head when we leave.




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